Dog Training & Dog Socialization

Meet Your Dog's Trainer

After fostering dogs for a year, I wanted to do more to help them. I enrolled in a year-long course through Animal Behavior College, which included 15 weeks of Mentor ship with a Trainer at “Awesome Dogs” in Dorchester. I graduated in September 2010 as a Certified Dog Trainer. In addition, after graduating I took a course on dealing with the challenges of Shelter dogs. Volunteering for Glencoe Animal Shelter with Vicki Kyle was a requirement of the course.

Through Animal Behavior College, I learned many different training techniques. The focus was on teaching in the most humane way using the latest scientific studies. This includes shaping, food luring, positive reinforcement of alternate behaviors and negative punishment.

Shaping is a systematic process to get the dog to perform the desired behavior.

Food Luring is using food to lure your dog into a position without force.

Positive Reinforcement of Alternate Behaviours is to treat and praise your dog when performing acceptable behaviours. This goes hand in hand with negative punishment when the dog is performing an unacceptable behaviour you take away the things he likes. For example, if he is jumping on you (unacceptable behaviour), you would turn away and ignore him completely taking away the attention he is looking for (negative punishment) praise and treat when he has four paws on the floor (acceptable behaviour) this is positive reinforcement of alternate behaviour.

We also provide video feedback on training sessions with your pups. After each session, a video of your pup at work will be provided to you.

Be sure to check out our Events page for upcoming group training classes, or contact us to schedule a private, 1:1 training session.

- Tim Raven