Our Dog Boarding & Daycare Policies


All pictures will be posted on our Facebook page. We are also posting videos on our YouTube account.

Missed Bookings

If you have booked our dog boarding services or dog daycare services and fail to show or call, you will be charged the full amount of existing booking plus any future bookings including applicable pickup fees and taxes in advance.


Rabies vaccinations are mandatory for all dogs attending for dog boarding or dog daycare. Any other vaccines are to the owner’s discretion.

Dietary Needs

Tail Waggin’ Dog Ranch knows how important each dog’s dietary needs are for your pet to look and feel his/her best. Please let us know how we can accommodate your pet during their dog boarding stay.


Please inform us of any allergies your dog may have so we can do our best to accomodate during your dog's boarding stay.


All medication to be administered during dog boarding or dog daycare must be in an original prescription package to be given. There is no charge for this service.

What To Bring for Dog Boarding

For your dog's boarding stay, please bring:

  • Enough dog food for your dog’s stay in a hard container. We recommend bringing a couple of extra days worth of food in case you have any travel delays.
  • Up to date copy of vaccinations
  • Dog bed
  • Treats are provided

Dog Boarding & Dog Daycare Cancellations

Please remember we are holding your dog boarding or dog daycare reservation request exclusively for your pet. When we reach our capacity, we have to refuse reservations and turn business away.

**All Dog Boarding and Dog Daycare Cancellations must be done during business hours.

Notice of cancellation is only effective via phone call to 519-264-0951. Messages may be left at this number if we are unavailable to answer right away.

Peak Periods:

  • We are taking full payment upfront for dog boarding and dog daycare for all peak times especially December 21 until January 8.
  • All weekends which include provincial or federal statutory holidays
  • March Break (including weekend)


  • All dog boarding and dog daycare cancellations during non-peak times are 48 hrs' notice. ALL PEAK TIMES REQUIRE A MINIMUM OF 48HRS NOTICE! Full Payment will be applied for dog boarding and dog daycare cancellations with less than 48 hours notice.


  • You are responsible for your dog daycare booking and dog boarding booking if not cancelled 48 hours prior to or during peak times and 24hrs during non-peak times.