Our Story

Meet Tim & Wendy

It all started in January 2008 when Wendy Wallace (my spouse) and I (Tim Raven) were watching “A” Channel News. We lived in West Lorne, Ontario at the time. We both have had dogs growing up and at that particular time we had two golden retrievers, Huck who was 12 and Ryker who was 1-1/2.

The news story was about All Breed Canine Rescue looking for help in fostering dogs until they went to a forever home. Wendy and I decided to apply to be foster parents to dogs. We had someone from the Rescue come and check out our home to see if we qualified. We passed and this started our new adventure in our lives.

After a year of fostering, we wanted to do more, so I became a Certified Dog Trainer. Wendy and I both went for our Pet First Aid Certificate and started doing research on a Dog Kennel and that's how our dog ranch was born. We have retired after about 10 yrs of fostering. We are very excited about the next chapter in our life providing dog boarding and dog daycare services for pups of all sizes.

Thank you for choosing Tail Waggin' Dog Ranch for your pup. We look forward to spending time with each of the dogs every single day.

Tim Raven & Wendy Wallace