February 9, 2022

Training, Daycare & Socialization Package

This is a month training  2 daycares a week.  Must be booked consecutively for the 4 weeks.  No weekends.

Can not be last minute booking!  
When your dog comes for daycare they will be introduced to different dogs while they play focusing on manners while socializing.

Basic Obedience Training will be done 4 times a day in 15 minute intervals. Training will include sit, down, stay, go to mat, touch, loose leash walking.  This time can also be used for behaviours that you wish to work on.

At the end of each day we will do a 5 to 10 minute lesson with parents to practice what your pup learned during the day.
On the last day of the 4 weeks Tim will go over everything your pup has learned and answer any questions.   There is no guarantee of results!

Cost:  $800.00 plus tax

Visit our Dog Training & Socialization Page For More Information on Training Programs and Classes we offer.